Application industry:Printing industry

Automatic proofreading with a wide variety of intelligent image processing technologies and a large number of enterprise product packaging and promotional materials, improve proofreading accuracy, shorten proofreading time, reduce printing costs, and shorten publication delivery cycle.

Application industry:Semiconductor Industry

Used for internal quality inspection of various LC chips, BGA, IGBT, LED, and other electronic components, as well as online test intelligence and refinement.
Used for component identification and counting, PCB circuit welding text printing defect detection.

Application industry:Communications industry

Used for communication or power cable surface quality defect detection such as scratches, cracks, bulges, etc.
Used for internal quality defect detection of communication or power cables, such as uneven shielding grid, broken copper mesh, and broken core.

Application industry:Food medicine

It is used for the quality inspection of food and medicine packaging, such as the phenomenon that the printed font is unsafe or leaking, or the printing overlaps and plays less. Leakage and other phenomena.
It is used for the detection of foreign matter in food and medicine packaging containers.

Application industry:Equipment manufacturing

Used for inspection of various castings. Such as air conditioning, air bubbles, impurities, tears, foreign bodies, stomata 'retraction and sponge.
Used for all kinds of stamping parts, five products, solar photovoltaic and other surface quality defects detection.
It is used for automatic vision guidance positioning of robots and quality inspection of equipment process.