We are a group of creative and technical teams with passion for work and quality

We are a group of creative and technical team with passion and high quality service.
We don't want too many people. We want people with super professional knowledge and unique thinking style.
Here, we strive for the cause, have a special love; we are more pursuing excellence, excellence! Make a difference if you make a brilliant innovation! Be a trusted enterprise by customers!

Liu Runxi

Co-founder and General Manager
Jinan University MBA
Worked as Director of Sales Department of Tianjin Industrial Vehicle (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. Tianjin Branch
Now as the general manager of the company, he is mainly responsible for the overall internal operation management of the company

Gao Qing Feng

Director of Human Resources Department
On-the-job MBA class at Sun Yat-sen University
More than ten years of human resources and related senior management experience in large and medium-sized manufacturing and trade industries of foreign and private enterprises

Song Feifei

Sales Director
Bachelor of Printing Technology, Jiangsu Press and Publication College
More than 10 years experience in equipment sales in the printing industry

Ma Jin Hui

Purchasing Manager

E-commerce major
Engaged in printing industry for 10 years, rich experience in e-commerce and Application

Meng Zhen Hua

Director of Visual R&D Center
Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Design, Manufacturing and Automation, Changjiang University
Six years'experience in non-standard automation industry

Hua Cheng pan

After-sales Service Manager
Electrical Automation Specialty
Familiar with installation, maintenance, modification, programming, programming and after-sales service management team experience of robot electrical circuit

Zhang Hu

Finance Manager
Bachelor of Accounting
Over 15 years of experience in financial management and auditing