Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co., Ltd

Guangzhou Pulisi Technology Co., Ltd is a national high-tech enterprise dedicated to application for artificial intelligence machine vision technology and integrated solution for machine visual system. The company integrated software research & development, product design & manufacture, marketing & after-sales service as one ,committed to improve the application management level of whole China's artificial intelligence machine vision technology . Moreover PULISI tends to become the industry leader in the application field of automatic intelligent equipment and advanced manufacturing industry, including "process quality inspection, robot guidance, positioning, identification, information collection management and integrated application of automatic production line".
Since its establishment in 2012, PULISI has been committed to the independent research and development of machine visual technology application, keeping continuous innovation, in-depth understanding of customer needs, continuous development for users . To produce "stable, reliable & efficient”visual inspection equipment, information collection equipment, manipulator guidance, positioning,identification and a series of machine visual technology application products.Effective and efficient to help customers upgrade the level of automation production,raise quality management, improve product quality and save production cost.

Our mission

With the company's rapid development and business needs, the company has not only developed machine vision inspection equipment for the printing industry, anti-counterfeiting data acquisition equipment, but also developed for application in the 3C field, RFID Internet of Things field and solar panel coating detection. Professional testing equipment. With technology and service innovation, the company successfully developed the robot guidance, positioning and identification system in 2016, and played an epoch-making significance for the company in the field of machine vision technology application, and took the goal of the best and most professional machine vision application technology company in China. A new step.

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